Musical Background

Chithrinie Nirupama is a Sri Lankan Sitarist and a Composer based in Derby, United Kingdom. She has been classically trained from a young age. Chithrinie completed her BA in Music at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka in 2016 obtaining the highest GPA of the faculty.  She has secured First Division passes in all the examinations leading to the Visharada title offered by the Bhathkande College of Music, Lucknow, India.  

She moved to the United Kingdom to study a Master’s in Music Technology at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and completed in 2019. There she became interested in blending acoustic sitar and electronic sound effects to create new soundscapes where she organised a concert ‘Sitarscapes’ and performed 6 of her own compositions for Sitar, Electronics blended with a variety of Genre accompanied by an ensemble of western musicians.   

She mainly uses Pro Tools and Ableton live for her productions and live performances. She released her debut EP ‘The Four Seasons’ in 2020 which illustrates the beauty of the four seasons with Sitar accompanied by Violin and Flute where she did the Composing and Audio Production by herself.  

She loves writing and performing music for live multitrack Sitar and uses Ableton Live and MIDI pedals to loop and manipulate the acoustic sitar sound which engages electronic manipulation to create a cinematic effect. She loves to fuse Indian classical music with various genre such as western music, jazz and Sri Lankan Folk music along with electronic sound effects. 

Chithrinie has involved as a Sitarist in many soundtracks including Netflix movie Wheelman, Expedia interactive Project ‘The World in Tune’ and various Rock, Jazz, EDM, Folk, North Indian, South Indian and Ambient music-based soundtracks. 

She loves creating Sitar Sample Libraries and also has recorded and produced commercial Sitar sample libraries for companies including Zero G-UK, Ghosthack-Germany, Zenhiser-Australia, Sample Magic-UK, Catch22media-UK and NotePerformer by Wallander Instruments-Sweden.