Sitaris an instrument with vast possibility for creative expression, within and beyond its traditional framework. Sitar Explorations, traverses this spectrum, from the traditional to the experimental, documenting the sonic DNA of the sitar while expanding it with atmospheric processing. The pack includes both tempo-based and open-meter performances, honoring the elasticity of traditional Indian meters, as well as the convenience for grid-based rhythmic production.

VOICES OF INDIA-Sitar Loops by Q Up Arts

A beautifully psychedelic collection of loops and textures for use in film, tv, game and album production. Vast textural landscapes, melodies and rhythms played on sitar through a rack of effects give you an amazing pallete to enlighten your music.

'SITAR FX' Sample Library by ZENHISER

4GB of flawless, transcendental samples, drafted into folders by bpm and rhythm showcases this go to library for Sitar FX samples.  An abundance of outboard FX was used to take these sounds into an even more mystical journey than ever before. 

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'SITAR' Sample Library by ZENHISER

Created a Sitar sample Library for, a Bespoke Sample Library production company from the United Kingdom.

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                         ZERO-G, UK

Created a sitar sample library  for ZERO-G,a sample library and virtual instrument production company from the United Kingdom.

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Provided sitar samples and loops for a sitar sample library by Ghosthack, Germany.

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Provided sitar samples and loops for a sitar sample library by Sample Magic - UK.


Provided sitar samples for 'NotePerformer' software by Wallander Instruments- Sweden, an Artificial Intelligence-based playback engine for musical notation.



Provided Sitar samples and loops for catch22media-United kingdom, a sample library production company.

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Played Sitar for the soundtrack of the Netflix original movie 'Wheelman', a score produced by Brooke Blair & Will Blair from USA.

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chithrinie sitar Expedia world in tune

Collaborated in the EXPEDIA UK - WORLD IN TUNE, an interactive music project that allows people to pick and choose the order in which they can play 16 different instruments.

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